What's The Best Tyre For A 'Normal' Car?

While testing enormously expensive, super-sticky track tyres looks like a whole lot of fun, it’s not especially relevant for many folks. Perhaps that’s why Jon Benson of Tyre Reviews has followed up his test of three such boots from Michelin, Goodyear and Pirelli with something more for the people.

Benson shod a bog-standard VW Golf VII in so many different tyres, we’ll have to list them in bullet-point form. On test was:

  • Bridgestone Turanza T005
  • Continental Premium Contact 6
  • Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance 2
  • Hankook Ventus Prime 3
  • Michelin Primacy 4
  • Pirelli Cinturato P7 C2
  • BF Goodrich Advantage
  • Falken Ziex ZE310
  • Maxxis Premitra HP5
  • Nokian Wetproof
  • Uniroyal Rainsport 5
  • Goodride RP28

What's The Best Tyre For A 'Normal' Car? - DIY

All were in 205/55/16 form, one of the most popular tyre sizes in the world. The 12-strong line-up was mostly made up of premium and mid-range options, with the budget end of the spectrum represented by the Goodride.

With pricing factored in, it wasn’t a case of the premium manufacturers walking away with it. In fact, one of the most expensive tyres ended up well down the order. However, the test format didn’t stop the budget option placing last. We’d apologise for dropping a spoiler, but that doesn’t really count as one, does it?

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