Watch BMW M3 With A Manual Hit 180 MPH On The Autobahn

And this is just the regular M3.

Watch the BMW M3 take of its natural habitat, the Autobahn in Germany. When it comes to building autobahn cruisers it’s hard to beat BMW M who builds the perfect vehicles to take on the Nürburgring and then cruise at triple-digit speeds on the Autobahn on the way home. To see if the new G80 BMW M3 was up to the task YouTuber AutoTopNL took to the Autobahn with a manual transmission BMW M3.

The G80 BMW M3 has a lot to prove. It comes from a long lineage of revered performance cars that give the name heritage. The G80 is also saddled with a new design language the BMW has pushed to stay fresh and engage buyers. This controversial design has been a flashpoint for BMW M3 and M4 conversations for some time and often times overshadows its performance.

Today is all about high-speed autobahn runs. The BMW M3 comes in two flavors for 2021, first, there’s the base model, which produces 473 horsepower (350 Kilowatts) and 406 lb-ft (550 Newton Meters) of torque from its twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-6. For those seeking more power, the BMW M3 Competition offers 503 horsepower (375 Kilowatts) and 479 lb-ft (650 Kilowatts) of torque from a slightly tweaked straight-6.

If you’re looking for a manual transmission M3 you need to stick with the base model. Unfortunately, the extra power and torque of the M3 Competitions engine are too much for the 6-speed manual so shifting your own gears is for the base engine only.

If you’re looking for an all-weather super sedan an all-wheel-drive M3 is on the horizon and promises better acceleration and more usability. Although all-wheel-drive won’t be a big help during high-speed Autobahn runs like this, it offers M3 customers the widest range of options so far opening up the appeal of the M3 to even more lucky owners.



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