Red Bull officially launch DAS protest

It has been confirmed that Red Bull have officially protested Mercedes’ Dual Axis Steering System in Austria.

The Austrian outfit had teased it throughout the race weekend, with Red Bull principal Christian Horner saying that while the system that allows Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas to adjust the toe of their front wheels was impressive, they weren’t convinced it was legal.

And now their protest has been made official.

Red Bull has officially lodged a protest against Mercedes regarding the "DAS" system. "Alleged breaches gainst Article 3.8, 10.2 und 10.3"#AMuS

— Tobi Grüner ? (@tgruener) July 3, 2020

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Red Bull are appealing on the following grounds, as per Articles’ 3.8, 10.2 and 10.3 of the FIA Technical Regulations.

3.8: Aerodynamic influence

With the exception of the parts described in Articles 11.4, 11.5 and 11.6, and the rear view mirrors described in Article 14.3, any specific part of the car influencing its aerodynamic performance :
a) Must comply with the rules relating to bodywork.
b) Must be rigidly secured to the entirely sprung part of the car (rigidly secured means not having any degree of freedom).
With the exception of the driver adjustable bodywork described in Article 3.6.8 (in addition to minimal parts solely associated with its actuation) and the parts described in Articles 11.4, 11.5 and 11.6, any specific part of the car influencing its aerodynamic performance must remain immobile in relation to the sprung part of the car.
Any device or construction that is designed to bridge the gap between the sprung part of the car and the ground is prohibited under all circumstances.
No part having an aerodynamic influence and no part of the bodywork, with the exception of the parts referred to in Articles 3.7.10, 3.7.11 and 3.7.12, may under any circumstances be located below the reference plane.
With the exception of the parts necessary for the adjustment described in Article 3.6.8, any car system, device or procedure which uses driver movement as a means of altering the aerodynamic characteristics of the car is prohibited.

10.2 Suspension geometry :
10.2.1 With the steering wheel fixed, the position of each wheel centre and the orientation of its rotation axis must be completely and uniquely defined by a function of its principally vertical suspension travel, save only for the effects of reasonable compliance which does not intentionally provide further degrees of freedom.
10.2.2 Any powered device which is capable of altering the configuration or affecting the performance of any part of any suspension system is forbidden.
10.2.3 No adjustment may be made to any suspension system while the car is in motion.

10.3 Suspension members :
10.3.1 With the exception of minimal local changes of section for the passage of hydraulic brake lines, electrical wiring and wheel tethers or the attachment of flexures, rod ends and spherical bearings, the cross-sections of each member of every suspension component, when taken normal to a straight line between the inner and outer attachment points, must :
a) Intersect the straight line between the inner and outer attachment points, with the exception of front suspension elements for the sole purpose of ensuring minimum clearance with the wheel rim at full steering lock.
b) Have a major axis no greater than 100mm.
c) Have an aspect ratio no greater than 3.5:1.
d) Have no dimension which exceeds 100mm.
The major axis will be defined as the largest axis of symmetry of any such cross-section. The length of the intersection of this axis with the cross-section must not be less than 95% of the maximum dimension of the section.

More to follow…

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