Mercedes protest Max Verstappen over Safety Car infringement

Max Verstappen is not free to celebrate yet in Abu Dhabi, he now must face the stewards relating to overtaking behind the Safety Car.

It was an epic conclusion to a thrilling 2021 campaign, as in the closing stages of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the Safety Car was deployed.

Williams’ Nicholas Latifi had crashed out, and so after taking a free pit stop to fit the soft rubber, Verstappen could then eliminate the gap which Hamilton had built up ahead.

Controversially, race control allowed the Abu Dhabi GP to resume with one lap to go, having only allowed the lapped cars between Hamilton and Verstappen to pass the Safety Car.

Verstappen would make the move on that one final lap of racing, snatching the race win and World Championship from Hamilton.

But, could that be about to change?


Mercedes have protested the result, and as part of that, their driver Hamilton, as well as Verstappen, are both now with the stewards, relating to a potential breach of Article 48.8 of the sporting regulations by Verstappen.

This clause states that “no driver may overtake another car on the track, including the Safety Car, until he passes the line for the first time after the Safety Car has returned to the pits.”

Verstappen and Hamilton were side-by-side for a time as the Safety Car lights went out, both drivers not wanting to be caught out, so the stewards will determine whether or not Verstappen did nudge ahead.

More to follow…


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