Mattia Binotto shares his thoughts on the ‘aggressive’ Ferrari F1-75

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto gave a guided tour of the innovative F1-75 which the Scuderia will unleash for the 2022 season.

An extreme and unique Ferrari challenger for the 2022 campaign had been teased, with the team very much living up to that when they removed the covers from the F1-75.

Binotto would go into greater detail when explaining the “different” and “aggressive” challenger, which Ferrari want to take them back to winning ways.

“It’s quite a different car and quite aggressive,” he said at the launch of the F1-75.

“The bodywork is where we’ve got most of the changes because that’s where the regulations have most of the freedom. If you look at the packaging, the power-unit packaging is completely different.

“The cooling, the power unit, we worked a lot through the winter season, not only the entire year last year, to try to develop it because you know that will be a key element for the next season.

“We developed it in terms of a lot of innovation on the commercial engine, a lot of, let me say, development as well on the hybrids we brought as development last year in the season, so I think there is quite a lot that has been done.

“It’s covered, but a lot of innovation there and obviously the suspensions, I think we work a lot on them and you can see different to the past, the rear wing.

“The cars are different in terms of the aero concept because of the ground-effect, the floors we do not see here, but as well I think in terms of shape at least for me it’s quite incredible the work which has been done.”

Binotto explained that Ferrari felt the need to take on the F1-75 project with an “open mind”, hoping that it will establish itself as a challenger worthy of the Ferrari name.

The team have very much been on a recovery mission in recent seasons, fighting back from an alarming slump to P6 in the 2020 Constructors’ standings.

2021 was a significant improvement as Ferrari secured P3, pulling away from rivals McLaren in the latter stages of a season where they achieved five podiums and two pole positions.

Now, as Formula 1 enters a new regulatory era, Ferrari can chase a first victory since Singapore 2019 with the F1-75, and maybe even a first title since 2008.

“I must admit personally I’m excited about it as this car is a product of the effort, dedication and passion of each one of us,” Binotto explained.

“It’s down to the work of a group of people who have invested everything in this car, working with courage, creativity and team spirit.

“We have a good team of people here who have gone from strength to strength, investing all their skills in this project, and I am proud of them.

“We have tackled the challenge of this project with an innovative approach because, apart from the requirements of the completely new technical regulations, we believe we had to take on this exercise with an open mind.

“The name F1-75 reminds us it is 75 years since our founder produced the first car to bear his name, the 125 S. It’s good to have the logo on the bodywork – it’s important for Ferrari.

“We hope it will uphold the honour and tradition of our team, the most successful of all time and the one with the longest history in the sport.”


Ferrari retained the same driver line-up of Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc for 2022, a duo which they believed was the strongest on the 2021 grid, which is hard to argue against.



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