Lewis Hamilton under investigation for ignoring yellow flags

The FIA have confirmed that they are investigating Lewis Hamilton for allegedly failing to slow down under yellow flags.

Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas claimed pole for the Austrian Grand Prix but went off the track twice, and it’s then when he triggered the yellow flags that Hamilton may have failed to slow under.

Hamilton is set to start the race in P2 behind Bottas.

Hamilton has said already that he didn’t see any yellow flags when he went through the cloud of dust kicked up by Bottas.

But Daniel Ricciardo did and backed off, even though he was running behind Hamilton.

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Speaking about the yellow-flag situation after the session, Hamilton said: “Not that I saw, no.

“I came round the corner and got on the power and I thought that Valtteri had perhaps just gone wide and carried on. So I was looking out for the gravel on the track and for a car on the track but there was nothing there so I just continued on.

“It happened pretty quick and it was a pretty big puff of dust.”

More to follow…

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