Kevin Magnussen: Mick Schumacher isn’t ‘too proud’ to ask for help at Haas

Kevin Magnussen had kind words to say about Haas team-mate Mick Schumacher, and the Dane is happy to help him on his way this season.

While some drivers can often be cagey around their data and keep themselves to themselves when it comes to finding improvements, Magnussen said Schumacher breaks the mould in that sense – and isn’t afraid to ask for help when he needs it.

The young German returned the compliment recently, saying that he’s more comfortable with an experienced head alongside him at Haas this season.

Magnussen explained that he has fewer worries in his new spell in Formula 1, now that he has had time away from the top tier. And if Schumacher does start one-upping his results at Haas, the former McLaren and Renault driver is confident that will prove to be a positive thing for his own ability.

“This time around, I don’t feel stressed about anything,” Magnussen told Formula 1’s Beyond the Grid podcast regarding the in-team battle at Haas.

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“If I can help him, that helps the team and that’s good for me.

“He’s very keen to learn, and asking questions. You don’t always have that between drivers – sometimes they’re too proud or whatever [and] don’t want to work together and ask questions. Maybe some drivers are scared of showing weakness, but Mick doesn’t really care about that.

“I feel like that’s a little different this time, I’m more relaxed. If he goes better than me, because I’ve helped him out so much, then I can then learn from him and that will then take me to another level.

“That’s how you build up and bring each other forward. That’s what I hope will happen.”

Schumacher has made himself a popular figure within the Haas garage, becoming known for aiming to take time to get to know everyone around him at the team and build relationships that way.

His team-mate echoed that sentiment, and also praised him for how “open” he has been during team meetings, and does not look for ways to deflect blame if things don’t quite go his way.


“He’s a super nice guy, very down to earth and polite, and he’s good with everyone. Everyone likes him. Immediately, he’s been very open,” Magnussen explained.

“He just wants to learn and, in the debriefings, his feedback is good. He doesn’t make excuses, he’s very honest with the team, if there’s something like mistakes or whatever – he’s open about that, and not trying to find excuses.”



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