First Video of Sergio Perez in Red Bull F1 Car, Colors for 2021

Formula 1 is back, and this time around that means Sergio Perez is sporting new colors with his new team at Red Bull.

Perez, the former Racing Point driver who replaces Alex Albon at Red Bull alongside Max Verstappen, took his first laps for the cameras in the RB15 race car this week as part of a two-day test.

According to Red Bull Racing, Perez completed a series of short runs to optimize seat fitting and pedal adjustment on the first day before turning his attention on Day 2 to long runs and race weekend preparation.

“It’s been amazing,” Perez said. “To look at my name on the car is something very special. It’s definitely a dream come true. We’ve already done a lot of work in the simulator working on the controls and I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made in terms of feeling more comfortable in the car.

“Everything about the car is different. It’s still an F1 car in the end, but the seating position is different, the steering wheel, the brakes, the buttons, procedures, the engine and the power delivery, the torque, so many things are different. But I can see there is so much potential with this Team.”

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