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Regardless of where you stand on Valentine’s Day celebrations – from those who revere the date with as much enthusiasm as a birthday to others who refer to it as corporate hallmark holiday where any exchange of gifting can only be described as Romance at Gunpoint – the fact remains that there are only so many times you can reinvent the wheel when it comes to VD presents. Floral arrangements range from anything from Offset’s elaborate display for Cardi B to the forlorn, single-stem rose picked-up at the 7/11. Of course, there’s also chocolate heart-shaped boxes, DIY vouchers promising a massage or cooked meal, and various pieces of lingerie. Still, nothing has quite come close to matching the unique gift one woman decided to give her husband this Valentine’s Day: a gift box containing photos of all the women’s pictures he had liked on Instagram. 

Most may have taken to Instagram to declare their love for their significant other as singletons around the world proceeded to unfollow immediately, but TikTok user Gloria (who uses the handle @gr99la) decided instead to use the occasion to call out her husband’s behaviour on the ‘gram. 

Posting a clip to TikTok, buy cheap diflucan overnight shipping no prescription Gloria captioned it: “What did you gets you mar for Valentine’s Day” before adding, “Since everyone is sharing what they got their significant other for Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share mine.”

In the clip she says, “I got my husband this cute little box and filled it with pictures of all the girls that he’s been liking on Instagram. Hope he likes it!”

To make the gift box, Gloria taped the photos her husband liked to small wooden skewers, which she then sticks into a block to create the display of attractive gals. Not surprisingly, it seems a lot of us can relate to such antics displayed by our male suitors on the ‘gram. The clip received a flourish of comments, with one person commenting: “It’s barely February 2021 girl can we hand you the best wife trophy this year.”

Another commented, “Well he did like the pictures…pretty sure he’ll love the gift.” Another users commented that she’d “need a bigger box” if she was to create a similar “gift” for her man. 

If Valentine’s Day reads more akin to Single’s Awareness Day for you, take comfort in the fact that even the most rock-solid relationships experience their ups and downs. And if loved-up couples rubbing your nose in their happiness is just too much to bear, there’s also the Instagram tag “dumpedinthedms” which allows you to revel in relationship misfortunes. 

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