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Many people may have indulged a little too much over the festive season and be aiming to lose weight for 2022.

And now is the perfect time, according to Good Morning Britain star Dr Hilary Jones, as he shared a stark warning about the nation.

In an exclusive chat with Daily Star, GMB's resident medical expert warned that a huge 63% of the nation is now overweight.

And he said Brits need to act now before there is a disease and cancer crisis.

Dr Hilary is working with NHS England and the government to encourage people to improve their health with their Better Health campaign.

Talking about the nation's weight crisis, he told us: "The new year is the perfect time to help make people aware of the benefits of losing weight as many people make their resolutions.

"And it's not about just improve the number you see on your bathroom scales.

"There are six major diseases associated being overweight.

"These include high blood pressure, which can cause a heart attack or stroke, high cholesterol levels, buy lisinopril no prescription usa Type 2 diabetes, chronic back pain and joint discomfort."

Warning about the cancer risk of being overweight, Dr Hilary also said that there are 12 common cancers that you are putting yourself at a greater risks of.

These include cancer of the breast, colon, pancreas, kidney, thyroid and stomach.

He told us: "The list is pretty long and being overweight has an impact on all of those things.

"Of course, if you lose weight you'll feel better, have more energy and enjoy better sleep.

"But protecting your health in the long-term is one of the main messages that the campaign wants to out across."

But why are so many Brits overweight these days?

Dr Hilary says he thinks it's because being overweight has become the 'new normal'.

He explained: "People look around and compare themselves with others.

"And when others are overweight, they think it's normal to look like that.

"Gradually Brits have become overweight and it's now the norm – not a healthy norm though.

"As a nation, we'll see more heart disease and live less long if people don't make a change.

The expert's biggest tip to sustainable weight loss is patience.

He tells us: "Some people starve themselves in January and run or exercise everyday.

"However, they may be disappointed when no miracles happen.

"But the human body is far too efficient for this to happen – it hangs onto every calorie and pound and fat you have."

Dr Hilary also recommended not weighing yourself daily, and instead recommended checking your weight fortnightly or once a month.

He also suggested not setting targets too close, and instead aiming for a 6-month or a year target so that you won't be disappointed if you don't reach your goal quickly.

"Even if you losing two or three pounds a month, keep that up and by the end of the year it'll be a big difference and you'll reach your target weight," he said.

The doctor also suggested signing up to something such as a fun run or Couch 5K, as this is likely to keep you motivated.

"Signing up to something fun, especially with a friend who has the same goal, is likely to see you more committed to your weight loss," he said.

Dr Hilary also recommended people check out he Better Health campaign, which he says gives tools, guidance and incentives to help people lose weight.

The campaign is working with organisations such as OurParks, SportEngland, PureGym, Slimming World and WeightWatchers, with many offering free guidance and advice or discounted rates.

"There's lot of of help there, and a lot of it is free," says Dr Hilary.

Dr Hilary Jones is supporting the Better Health campaign to provide the nation with the resources to take the first steps towards making positive, healthier choices in 2022. For free tools and support, search 'Better Health'.

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