World Champion ‘Hypermiler’ reveals his fuel efficiency tips to save up to £40 a month

Hypermiling: Experts offer advice on saving petrol

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Petrol and diesel prices are remaining at all-time highs in the UK despite the Chancellor cutting fuel duty by 5p last month. Hypermiling is the art of getting as many miles to the gallon (MPG) as possible and some drivers can increase MPG by as much as 60 percent.

Kevin Booker is a World Hypermiling Champion and appeared on BBC’s Morning Live to give some top tips on getting the most out of a tank of fuel.

Kevin said: “I started when I had a long commute to work and back which was around 70 miles.

“So my aim was to try and do it in a similar sort of time but use the least fuel possible to reduce my costs.

“Over a month, I was saving around 40 pounds. So that mounts up over a year.”

He added: “The main way hypermiling works is basically trying to drive as smoothly as possible and to make sure the car is correctly prepped.

“Hypermiling is about being smooth rather than going slow reading the roads so you can feed into roundabouts and not stop at traffic lights.

“So it’s just a calmer way of driving a bit like the Highway Code suggests you should drive.”

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Jim Holder, Editorial Director at What Car also added his tips on fuel saving.

He said: “One of the most obvious ones is to always check your tyre pressures.

“Low tire pressure can cause more friction on the road, which uses more fuel.

“And wind resistance on your car really does make a big difference. Having the windows open at 50 miles per hour could reduce fuel efficiency by 20 percent.”

He added: “Any weight you carry in the car, you’re paying to carry around on every journey.

“It’s really about relaxing, trying to anticipate what’s ahead, not accelerating up to traffic lights and coming to a sharp stop.

“Lots of little changes can add up and if you can apply them all it won’t be crazy to think you’ll see at least a ten percent fuel economy gain.

“And that means one in 10 less trips to that fuel station.”

Kevin Booker’s top fuel saving tips:
Remove any excess weight from the car you don’t need
Always ensure your tyres are correctly inflated
Read the road ahead and try not to come to a complete stop (unless you have to)
Avoid harsh acceleration – Drive gently and don’t drive in an erratic manner
Try and avoid harsh braking
Drive with your windows up to reduce the drag on the car
Switch air conditioning off

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