What Not To Do To Your Tesla Model 3: 4 Top Tips

These 4 top tips could save you from some headaches.

This video covers four important tips on what not to do to your Tesla Model 3. If you mistakenly do one of these, you might shatter some glass.

Virtually all cars have some odd quirks and Teslas are no exception to that. The Model 3, in particular, has a few oddities that you need to know about if you own one or are planning on buying one soon.

This video covers four tips on what not to do to your Tesla Model 3 and two of the four pertain to the car’s frameless front windows. These windows roll down a bit to allow the doors to shut and then roll up to seal into place. This wouldn’t seem to be problematic, but it can be if you do something wrong, like pull on the manual door release (which is really for emergency use) or have a grasp on the window glass while closing the door. Either of these actions could result in the glass not moving properly and perhaps shattering when you slam the door shut.

The other two don’t-do-this tips are a bit different. One is some advice on how to care for the seats in the car. Use gentle cleansers and nothing harsh. The other is something that all electric car drivers should follow and it’s simple advice that you double-check to make sure that your car is plugged in and charging before walking away.

As A Media Life explains in the video description:

The 4 Do NOT Do tips include…

1) Don’t use the Manual Release Door

2) Don’t hold the window when closing the door

3) Don’t use harsh chemicals when cleaning your seats

4) Don’t forget to PLUG your car

First DON’T – The Manual Release Door is for Emergency Situations only because you can potentially damage the window because it goes up and down when opening the door to seal.

Second DON’T – Holding the window while closing the doors can misalign the window and seal and potentially cause damage. Our Tesla models have frameless windows that give it a premium luxury look! They need a little bit of more TLC !

Third DON’T – Don’t use harsh chemicals on your seats because they will shorten the lifespan of your seats. I use baby wipes and it looks great and it’s gentle. ” If it’s good for a baby’s bottom it’s good for my seat !! ” You want to keep your Tesla Model 3 interior in good shape!

Fourth DON’T – Don’t forget that having your car plugged in doesn’t necessarily mean its constantly charging, the MW3 is one of the most sophisticated battery systems in the world and it knows when to charge and when to not. (Set your charge limit as well ). Keeping it plugged doesn’t put stress on the battery.

Watch the video for more details on each of the four tips.

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