Watch This Epic Tesla S3XY Performance Drag Race: Plus Go Behind The Scenes

Tesla’s Performance models in one place for an unprecedented drag race. Will the results match what’s on paper?

Throttle House takes it to the next level here, with this amazing Tesla drag race that features the automaker’s entire current lineup. We have not only the Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y all together in one place, but each of them is a range-topping Performance model. Throttle House admits this is the sexiest drag race they’ve ever done.

While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Tesla’s whole current lineup together, it’s very rare. This is especially true when the Model Y is along for the ride. We know on paper which car is going to win this drag race. In addition, we could probably tell you the final results, without even watching the video, at least in terms of ranking the cars by acceleration. However, there are always factors that impact results.

We appreciate that rather than being simply a short drag race clip, this video offers much more, which boosts its entertainment factor significantly. At any rate, will the results be S, 3, X, Y or S, X, 3, Y? Is there even another possible result? 3, S, X, Y?

As if this incredible Tesla Performance drag race video wasn’t enough by itself, our good friend Trevor Page (Tesla Owners Online) was on hand for the event. He put together a behind-the-scenes video for his channel.

Page was involved since he was actually the man who made this all possible. Throttle House needed all the current Tesla Performance models in one place in Canada at the same time. Who better to track all these cars down and get their owners to make them available for the epic race? Page, of course. Not to mention, he is one of the drivers.

Check out both videos and leave us a comment. Enjoy!

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