Watch: The Fastest TTE700 RS3 in the World Run the Quarter Mile

More than just showing a fast car, this video does a great job of showing you the difference between a high ten-second car and a mid-nine second car.

A second doesn’t sound like a lot until you see the differences on track. To demonstrate that, this built RS3 with forged internals, a TTE700 turbo, and a stripped-out interior goes up against a Stage 1+ RS3 with a few choice mods and no back seats.

Giving the slower RS3 a head start, the 9-second car catches up easily. Although it doesn’t end up passing it, seeing the difference in the amount of ground the cars can cover really drives home just how much more every second means on the drag strip.

According to the car’s owner, this is the fastest TTE700 RS3 in the world right now thanks to the 9.52 pass. The car is likely to slow down ever so slightly in the future as a roll cage becomes necessary and raises the 3,055 lbs weight.

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