Volvo EX90 Debuts As Electric Luxury Seven-Seat Flagship SUV

Following a lengthy teaser campaign, the Volvo EX90 makes its full debut as the brand’s new flagship three-row SUV. It is based on a new architecture and has a fully electric powertrain. The XC90’s battery-powered brother is the first of many new electric Volvos to come with the Swedish company promising to launch a new EV each year and by the end of the decade, it aims to sell only fully electric cars around the globe. But for now, the EX90 is the new star of Volvo’s model range.

Shown for the first time in Stockholm today, the electric SUV looks exactly as you would expect from the brand – modern, bold, refined, and a little edgy as Volvo continues to embrace the form-follows-function design philosophy. To a certain extent, the EX90 looks similar to today’s XC90, but there’s a brand new platform underpinning the seven-seater. The focus on the tech side is on safety and the automaker says this is the safest Volvo ever produced, which can get smarter and safer over time thanks to updates and new data.

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That bulb you see on the roof right above the windscreen is where the EX90’s sensors, camera, and radars are integrated. Volvo says these never “get tired or distracted” and are supported by high-performance core computers with in-house developed software. The entire system provides a constant 360-degree view of the world around the car and can even see small objects hundreds of meters ahead to give the driver more time to react and avoid them. The SUV is also Volvo’s first model to be equipped from the factory with all the necessary hardware for unsupervised driving in the future.

The EX90’s huge dimensions leave enough room for Volvo to install a massive 111-kWh battery pack. Initially available will be a dual-motor electric powertrain with two permanent magnet motors, one for each axle. In the most powerful version of the family hauler, the peak output of the system is 496 horsepower (370 kilowatts) and 671 pound-feet (910 Newton-meters) of instant torque. Volvo promises an estimated range of up to 300 miles at a single charge, though that hasn’t been certified by the EPA yet. There’s no information regarding the maximum charging power, but the company says getting the battery from 10 to 80 percent state of charge takes about 30 minutes.

Volvo also proudly says the EX90 is not just a new generation SUV but rather “a highly advanced computer on wheels” that is “more responsive and enjoyable” than ever before. The automaker has teamed up with Snapdragon to use the visualization capabilities of Unreal Engine – the same 3D tool developed by Epic Games that underpins some of the most advanced video games – for the computing power and screen graphics onboard the EX90. Built-in Google features, including Google Maps and other apps from Google Play, can be controlled from the 14.5-inch center screen. Standard 5G connection provides constant data flow for all the applications running on the display, including music streaming services.

Also standard is a phone key tech, which turns your smartphone into a car key. When you approach the car with the phone in your pocket, it will unlock automatically and will load your personal profile with a preset seat, climate, and other settings. The EX90 is also the first Volvo to be equipped with headrest-integrated speakers as part of the Bowers & Wilkins audio system.

The EX90 is now available for pre-order in the United States. There’s no detailed pricing information, though Volvo says a “well-equipped” model will cost under $80,000. The pre-orders will transform into configured orders in the fall of 2023 and the first deliveries are expected in early 2024. The electric SUV for America will be built in America at Volvo’s Ridgeville plant in South Caroline.

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