Volkswagen Ends Production Of ICE Cars At Zwickau And Goes Electric

After 116 years of operation, the plant in Zwickau no longer produces internal combustion engine cars. It’s now all-electric

As of today (June 26, 2020), the last internal combustion engine rolled off the production line at the Zwickau plant in Germany, as Volkswagen switched completely to all-electric models.

During some 116 years of operation, the plant produced more than 9.5 million vehicles, including more than 6 million Volkswagens, which operated at the site since 1990.

The last vehicle happened to be the seventh generation Golf R Estate with 2.0-litre petrol engine in Oryx White Pearl Effect.

Production of vehicles with combustion engine in Zwickau since 1904 (as of 26 June 2020):

Model / Manufacturer

Units produced


Horch (car)


1904 to 1940



1910 to 1940

DKW (final assembly)


1931 to 1942

IFA (car)


1949 to 1955

P 70 / P 240


1955 to 1959



1957 to 1991



1990 to 2020



1904 to 2020

 *Note: All units produced refer to passenger cars. The date for Horch are rounded, as not every model from the early days is listed in the documents with exact numbers of units.

The Golf R Estate is no longer on sale, while the plant is continuing its transformation from 100% ICE cars to 100% BEV cars.

Reinhard de Vries, Managing Director of Technology and Logistics at Volkswagen Sachsen:

“Today is a historic day for us. We are proud of what we have achieved so far, and at the same time are greatly looking forward to what the future holds for us.”

Volkswagen intends to invest some €1.2 billion in the transformation of the plant to produce at total of six MEB-based electric models (Volkswagen, Audi and SEAT brands) simultaneously.

The total output will be some 330,000 cars annually, which is slightly more (by 30,000) than it was for the conventional cars in the past.

Volkswagen’s Zwickau plant

The first model, Volkswagen ID.3, is already in production (but at very low volume) since November 2019. Before the lockdown, the ID.3 output rate was just about 150 units a day, and after the lockdown in April it restarted at 50/day (there is no info about the current output).

“Work has already started in Hall 6 where the Golf Estate has been produced so far. After a conversion phase lasting several weeks during the summer, the first electric vehicles will be produced there at the end of the year – alongside the ID.4, an SUV from the sister brand Audi is also planned. Series production of the ID.3 1st Edition  already started at the site in west Saxony in November 2019, and the start of production of the ID.4 will follow this summer.”

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