‘Use minimal fuel’: Motorists urged to make use of simple button to boost fuel efficiency

Fuel: Matt Allwright shares tips on making your car more efficient

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With the cost of living crisis hammering millions of Britons, drivers are turning to fuel-saving techniques to help reduce their costs. On average, petrol drivers will need to pay 190.65p per litre, with diesel prices falling slightly to 198.42p, according to RAC Fuel Watch.

But now, drivers are being urged to make use of a simple, often overlooked button, to save on fuel costs.

Cruise control only aids fuel economy when driving on a constant flat surface, hence why it is usually best reserved for motorway driving.

One of the keys to saving fuel is driving at a constant speed, cruise control can do this effectively on flat surfaces.

This makes driving as fuel efficient as possible as it negates any unnecessary acceleration.

However, if motorists use the cruise control regularly, especially when not on flat roads, fuel consumption could begin to increase.

The cruise control would be slower to react to gradient changes.

Normally, when approaching the bottom of a hill, drivers would take their foot off the accelerator to maintain more of a constant speed when descending.

When using cruise control, it will keep the power on for longer as it is unable to see the gradient change in front of the car.

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Driving in this way regularly would lead to worse fuel consumption.

Interestingly, the most fuel-efficient roads in the country are not quiet extra-urban dual carriageways or 20mph city streets, they are motorways. 

This is where motorists can leave their car in top gear and gently cruise along, using minimal fuel.

Drivers can also make use of their smartphones to help them save on fuel costs.

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A new app, Karai, tracks vehicle carbon emissions in real-time and gives users real-world, eco-driving scores and advice, leading to using less fuel, for free.

By using data gathering and location tracking the Karai app gives motorists tips regarding economical driving resulting in an overall eco-driving score.

The smoother the driving, the more carbon emissions and fuel saved, the better the score will be.

Karai’s Developers report that users can reduce their fuel usage and carbon emissions by up to 25 percent by using the app. 

Calin Saftoiu, CEO of Drive Key Corporation said: “With the fuel and energy crisis showing no signs of slowing down, we are excited to be able to help Motorists save money and do something good for the environment at the same time.

“Our primary aim is to help facilitate the reduction of tailpipe emissions.

“By adopting better driving habits, drivers who use Karai can decrease their carbon footprint by up to 25 percent whilst simultaneously saving money as they’re using less fuel in the process.”

Karai uses location tracking and DVLA data to provide the best possible information on carbon emissions monitoring.

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