Toyota Gazoo Racing Bringing Mercedes-Like GT3 Concept, Parts to Tokyo Auto Salon

The Tokyo Auto Salon has returned after a one-year, pandemic-induced hiatus that saw the cancellation of 2021’s expected event. And along with the various tuning firms, parts distributors, and always interesting mom-and-pop-shop-created display vehicles, some of Japan’s OEMs take part and show off some of their more enthusiast-focused projects.

Strong Showing

One of those automakers is Toyota, which regularly attends the Tokyo Auto Salon and always brings something worth a closer look. For 2022, the Toyota Gazoo Racing group announced it is going all-in for the annual auto salon with a line of can’t-miss display cars, throwback parts, and some high-level motorsport competitors.

The world premiere of the group’s GR GT3 concept car is much more than an exercise in design language and a pop of performance. The idea was to take all the technology, knowledge, and experience that Toyota Gazoo Racing has earned in various forms of motorsport and put them into a single race car. The GR GT3’s silhouette conjures some AMG GT vibes, strangely enough. No matter, as it’s a race-only effort, so don’t expect a Mercedes-challenging road-going model to follow.

Bite-Sized Dynamo

A “fully tuned” version of the lovable GR Yaris is promised, and no matter how much you complain on social media and tag Toyota, the hot hatch isn’t coming to the U.S. The shadowed image depicts a more pronounced vented hood and hatch wing with swan-neck pedestals but that’s about all we can see until the big show. Whether or not the upcoming GR Corolla—which likely is coming to the U.S. —is headed to the event is unknown at this point

For those that are enamored with iconic Toyota models of yesteryear, some of the available parts from the GR Heritage Parts program will be on display. The announcement of remanufacturing OEM-spec Toyota parts for fan favorites like the MkIII and IV Supra, 2000GT, and Corolla AE86 have been celebrated by enthusiasts attempting to restore or give these older vehicles a second life.

The Champ Is Here

TAS is the perfect platform to show off the Gazoo Racing’s GR010 Hybrid, which took home another Le Mans win in 2021 for Toyota. Add to that spectacle on display a group of motorsports warriors that includes Toyotas from Super GT, Japanese Super Formula, and Japan’s Rally Championship, and you’ve got the recipe for a show stopping booth in Tokyo.

The Tokyo Auto Salon takes place January 14 to 16 in Makuhari Messe, Chiba City. Toyota Gazoo Racing’s press conference is scheduled for January 13, and can be accessed through its YouTube channel:

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