The 10 essential items to keep in the car in winter months amid frost and snow warnings

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With snow and freezing temperatures across the country it can be challenging to set off on a long journey by car. Storms can sweep in at a moment’s notice, so it pays to have some essential items always in the car should the elements get too much. 

Experts at have put together a handy list of things to keep in the car throughout the winter.

A spokesperson said: “Driving in winter conditions can often come with its difficulties so it’s always good to be prepared.

“Getting to your destination safe and sound should be a priority for all drivers – so keeping simple items like a cereal bar and a wind-up torch in the car can make all the difference.

“Drivers can store these things in the boot, glove compartment or even behind the seats, so as to not take up too much space.”

Reflective triangle
Using a reflective triangle during a breakdown can help to keep you and other road users safe. The Highway Code states it should be placed around 45 meters behind the vehicle but never used on motorways.

High visibility jacket
Keeping a high visibility jacket in the car is another great way to alert road users – they are especially important when it’s dark and you’re trying to locate an emergency phone or wave down help.

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Phone charger
A portable phone charger is essential in today’s day and age; the last thing you want is a dead battery when you need to call a recovery service.
Spare tyre and jack
A common cause of breakdowns all year-round is tyre punctures, so it’s always good to ensure a spare is carried at all times. Remember to keep a jack and wrench in the car too to be able to change the tyre.

Jump leads
Having a flat battery is also another common breakdown cause – especially during the winter as batteries can be more temperamental. Jump leads are a great investment as they allow you to get a jump-start from another car without having to pay the expense of a breakdown service.

Wind up torch
Checking out a vehicle is a lot easier with a torch and it allows you to save battery on a phone. Make sure to get a wind up version so there’s no worry about having batteries.

First aid kit
First aid kits are easy to get and are vital in emergency situations when it could take a while for help to get there. If the car has an old kit make sure everything is still sterile and in date.
An old fashioned paper road atlas can help you out in case of getting lost with no phone signal and without any locals around to ask.

Ice scraper
Keeping the windscreen and windows clear this winter is not only extremely useful to stay safe but is also a legal requirement.
Non-perishable snacks
Energy bars and cereal bars are great to keep in the glove compartment for long journeys or if it has taken some time for help to arrive.

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