Tesla's Elon Musk Responds To General Motors 'Leading' In EVs

While most of us are simply focused on the electric vehicles themselves, it’s hard to escape from the surrounding topics, especially as the EV market expands and changes the paradigm. It’s actually getting hilarious.

Earlier this month, GM’s CEO Mary Barra was asked about EVs and said that General Motors is the market leader. Not only that, she added that “we are not going to cede our leadership position to anyone” (watch DealBook Online Summit from 4:18 to 5:15).

Those words were later aplified by US President Joe Biden at the GM’s Factory ZERO EV plant tour (29:18):

“It starts here in Detroit. In the auto industry, Detroit is leading the world in electric vehicles. You know how critical it is. Mary, I can remember talking to you way back in January about the need for America to lead in electric vehicles. And I can remember your dramatic announcement that by 2035, GM would be 100 percent electric. 

You changed the whole story, Mary, wherever—(applause)— wherever you are. There you are. You did, Mary. You electrified the entire automobile industry. I’m serious. You led—and it matters—in drastically improving the climate by reducing hundreds of millions of barrels of oil that will not be used when we’re all electric.

You know, up until now, China has been leading in this race, but that’s about to change.”

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