Tesla Registrations Up 63% In California: Why? Model Y, Of Course

Tesla sees a major spike in deliveries in California in Q4 2020 as the Model Y gains popularity.

According to a recent report by market research firm Cross-Sell, which is hidden behind a paywall, Tesla’s car registrations in California soared by almost 63% in the fourth quarter of 2020, as compared the Q4 2019. It seems this massive increase is mostly due to the rising popularity of the Model Y electric crossover.

Fortunately, Autoblog (Reuters) and Teslarati were able to get their hands on Cross-Sell’s Tesla Q4 2020 Report. Cross-Sell relies on title and registration data to compile its reports, so the numbers aren’t estimates.

As you may well know, Tesla had its strongest quarter ever, at least as far as deliveries are concerned, delivering over 180,000 cars globally in Q4 2020. This put the Silicon Valley electric automaker’s total deliveries for 2020 at an impressive 499,550, give or take.

After what was viewed as a weak third quarter for Tesla in California, it rebounded in Q4 2020. Tesla registrations were around 16,200 in Q3 2020, and they increased to over 22,000 in the final quarter of the year. 

Arguably more interesting is the fact that Cross-Sell reported Tesla had over 11,000 Model Y registrations in The Golden State in Q4 2020. Meanwhile, California Model 3 registrations were down 34% year-over-year for the quarter, at around 7,000.

What’s more? Data collected from 23 states shows nearly 45,000 Tesla registrations in Q4 2020. The Model Y accounted for almost half of them.

It’s important to note that title and registration data can be a month or so behind, so it may not line up precisely with actual delivery timing.

Do you think the Model Y will continue to be Tesla’s best-selling vehicle? Will Model 3 sales drop significantly? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.


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