Tesla Model Y Performance: Edmunds Finally Puts It Through The Paces

How fast is the Tesla Model Y Performance? Is it worthy on the track?

Edmunds took delivery of its long-term Tesla Model Y back in April, which was not long after the car was first available for delivery. Tesla released the new all-electric crossover just days before our country starting locking down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Edmunds was extremely impressed with the car right from the beginning. Since then, it has released a few more in-depth reviews and gone so far as to say that other automakers need to learn from Tesla. However, the publication has been patiently waiting to properly test the car on its track. Now, the track is finally open.

While not being able to put the electric crossover through the paces on the track was surely frustrating for Edmunds, it didn’t mean the publication couldn’t adequately report on the car. It has done plenty of real-world driving, comparisons, etc. Most people probably won’t be beating up their Model Y on the track anyhow. However, Tesla has a reputation for blazing acceleration. Its Model 3 has proven that it can make a car that’s a compelling track star.

The Model Y is virtually the same car as the Model 3, though it’s larger, roomier, and more practical for families. Its crossover classification and larger size shouldn’t really impact its trackworthiness too much since it’s not a tall, boxy SUV. In fact, we’ve already seen it impress on the twisty track.

Edmunds’ Model Y is the dual-motor all-wheel-drive Performance version with the free Performance Upgrades package. Does it live up to its name? How well does this crossover accelerate, handle, and corner? Check out the video to find out. When you’re done watching, start a conversation in our comment section below.

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