Tesla Model 3 Mission To Use 2 Million Free Supercharging Miles

Our friend Andy Slye believes he holds the world record for the number of free Tesla Supercharging miles accumulated. He got the miles thanks to Tesla’s Referral Program, his own hard work, and, of course, his followers and fans. Slye is also the global leader for total Tesla referrals, so he can honestly say he’s worked to promote EV adoption, while benefitting from the process.

Slye came on the scene as just a typical, somewhat soft-spoken Tesla owner making videos about the brand. He quickly amassed a large number of followers on YouTube, and he used that platform, along with Twitter, to share his Tesla experiences over the years.

Unlike some Tesla YouTube influencers, Slye comes off as honest, objective, and caring. His videos tend to be very helpful and informative, regardless of the topic. Sure, he wants people to buy a Tesla and believe in the company, but he’s also willing to point out his concerns related to the brand and its vehicles.

Now that Tesla has officially discontinued its popular and successful referral program – the company obviously no longer needs the program since the demand for its vehicles is at record highs – Slye decided to put out a video about his ~2 million free Supercharging miles, and what he plans to do with them.

Perhaps Slye can not only hold the record for the most free Supercharging miles, but also the most miles traveled in a Tesla over a period of time. He says he’s on a mission to use the 2 million charging miles before they expire, which would be a truly epic feat over any time frame.

Slye started his mission by taking the longest road trip he’s ever been on. However, to actually exhaust all those Supercharger miles, he’ll have to start road-tripping like crazy. Clearly, there’s probably no chance he’ll use all the miles, but the mission is fascinating, nonetheless.

Slye breaks down the relatively short video into the following topics and timestamps:

0:00 Intro
0:59 Road Trip Part 1
4:52 Sponsor
6:09 Maine Experience
9:30 Tesla Safety Score
10:06 Road Trip Part 2

Once you’ve had a chance to watch Slye’s video, leave us your thoughts in the comment section below. How many miles do you think he can use?

Source:Andy Slye (YouTube)

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