Tesla Giga Austin Surprises With Fast Pace Of Progress: August 7, 2020

Tesla’s team is not wasting any time to prepare the site for construction.

We are accustomed to the fact that Tesla’s gigafactory projects are massive and get built very fast, but work at the Tesla Giga Austin in Texas might raise the bar even higher.

It seems that the company has contracted a high number of people and equipment to clear the plot and prepare the site for construction. Things are changing quickly on a large scale, despite there being some serious swamps that have to be reclaimed. It’s probably not the best ground to build on, but after removing the topsoil and then building up layer by layer, it should be fine to build massive structures.

Here we have two new videos, first from Terafactory Texas (record on August 7) and the second from Jeff Roberts (recorded on August 6), which both revealed huge progress compared to just several days ago.

The work has to progress at such a quick pace if Tesla really wants to produce Semi and Cybertruck before the end of 2021.

Tesla Gigafactory 5 in Austin, Texas – summary:

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