Tampa Airport to Hire Close to 1K Workers

The airport is looking to hire jobs across car rental companies, shops, and airport services.

Photo: Dustin Coates via Flickr

With airport travel continuing to increase, Tampa International Airport is holding its largest career fair, with close to 1,000 jobs available, according to a report by Tampa Bay Times.

Jobs are open at the airport’s rental car companies, shops, and restaurants, as well as airport services like maintenance, baggage handling, and customer service, says the report.

On-airport car rental companies Hertz and Avis laid off a combined 277 workers during the pandemic, according to the report. Now they are looking to hire rental car sales agents and workers to prepare the vehicles for rental. Other companies looking to hire include American Airlines, FedEx Express, and Global Aviation Services.

In July, 1.7 million passengers traveled through Tampa International Airport, up from 594,415 in July 2020, according to the report.

“We are excited to see most of our passengers fly again, and we want to make sure we provide them with the service they deserve and have come to expect of the team at TPA,” John Tiliacos, Tampa Airport’s executive vice president of operations and customer service, told Tampa Bay Times.

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