Take A Look At The Rugged Buxus EVA Tank 300 Edition E-Bike

When you think of overlanding, picturesque landscapes of open fields, lakesides, and mountains come to mind. When compared to outright trail and off-road driving, overlanding has a much more relaxed and chill vibe about it, and it usually doesn’t require your rigs to be as gnarly and heavily modified to tackle serious terrain.

As such, the ideal overlanding excursion involves setting up camp, exploring the surrounding areas, and having a blast be it alone or with friends. What better way to make the most of your overlanding experience than to carry along an all-terrain e-bike on your rig. The cool-factor of this is made even cooler if your e-bike matches your rig. Well, if you live in China, and you happen to own the Tank 300 Frontier Edition, you can do just that with a custom Buxus EVA e-bike that matches the ruggedness—and color palette—of the Tank 300.

The Buxus EVA is a bike we’ve talked about before in InsideEVs. It’s a rugged, all-terrain electric bike with a torquey hub-mounted motor. Rated for 750 watts, the Buxus EVA can easily climb the steepest hills. Complementing its punchy motor is a 20Ah battery pack that Buxus claims offers up to 62 miles of range on a single charge. Meanwhile, the EVA’s fat tires mean that it can offer a confidence-inspiring ride on all sorts of terrain ranging from sand, mud, snow, and loose gravel.

The EVA also gets front and rear suspension which give the bike a much more comfortable ride, especially when riding at speed through singletracks and gravel roads. Of course, with 750 watts on tap, it needs good brakes to come to a stop. This is where the front and rear dual-piston hydraulic brakes come into play. Buxus also throws in quite a bit of technology into this bike, outfitting it with a phone mount on the handlebar and Bluetooth smartphone connectivity to transform your mobile phone into a digital dashboard. Through the app, you can access NFC, tracking, and even over-the-air software updates.

The Tank 300 edition Buxus EVA is set apart by its unique colorway which features a bright yellow hue with contrasting black accents. The Tank 300 branding on the sides add to the bike’s rugged aesthetic. When attached to the bumper-mounted bike rack on the Tank 300, it makes for a menacing rig that’s sure to turn heads on both the streets and the trails. Only 300 Buxus EVA Tank 300 editions will ever be made, and they retail for 15,000 CNY, or roughly $2,073 USD.

Sources: CarScoops, BUXUS Bikes

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