Super Unleaded petrol could be more efficient than E10

E10 biofuel: Department for Transport explains why it’s ‘better'

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Drivers using super unleaded petrol will get “a few more miles to the gallon” than those using the brand new E10 fuel, according to experts. Thomas Iveson, Head of leasing at specialist car discount company Motorfinity warned super unleaded would be “more expensive”.

However, he said E10 petrol would burn slightly less efficiently” than Premium Unleaded, giving drivers a lower fuel economy.

He said: “It’s also worth noting that drivers can still put premium unleaded fuel into their car.

“This will be more expensive at the pump.

“But E10 burns slightly less efficiently than premium unleaded meaning that drivers who opt for premium unleaded petrol will get a few more miles to the gallon.”

The fresh warning comes just after some experts warned that E10 fuel was having a massive effect on efficiency.

Express readers have reported losing as much as four miles per gallon since they started using the new compound.

One even said they had got 30 fewer miles after filling up a 55 litre tank with the new compound.

David Billsborogh, Business Director at Cheshire Cars in Crewe has also warned Super Unleaded would “perform better” than E10.

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He said: “Now I find personally in my car I’ve started to switch to 99 Octane fuel which is the Super Unleaded.

“My car does seem to run a lot smoother and performs better with that fuel.”

He added: “My initial thoughts from my car is the 99 Super is far better for my vehicle.”

Motoring YouTube channel Number 27 also warned its viewers over the added benefits of Super Unleaded.

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Channel host Jack said the switch to E10 had the “unexpected” consequence of making Super Unleaded fuel much more efficient.

He warned: “So this does have the unexpected effect that for the very first time I think Super Unleaded is going to give you more miles per gallon than normal Unleaded petrol.

“For a long time, the petrol manufacturers have been trying to get us to buy Super because they make more money on it.”

He added: “But for the first time now, because in the UK Super Unleaded will be using E5 rather than E10, it has a smaller concentration of ethanol, the cars will have higher miles to the gallon.”

The Government’s Introducing E10 petrol report suggested that drivers’ fuel economy would be affected.

The report added efficiency would be reduced by around one or two percent under the new E10 compound.

Super Unleaded fuel is a higher-octane verison of regular petrol. says there are claims the new fuel comes with “noticeable benefits”.

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