SEAT, Iberdrola And VW Join Forces To Boost E-Mobility In Spain

Spain is gearing for a plug-in tsunami from the Volkswagen Group.

SEAT, Iberdrola and VW’s Volkswagen Group España Distribución announced a partnership agreement to boost electric mobility in Spain, the home market for SEAT.

The main area of cooperation will be public charging infrastructure, powered by renewable sources, as well as sales of charging solutions and integration of Iberdrola’s charging point into EVs navigation systems.

As we already know, Iberdrola targets 150,000 charging points (AC and DC) – in households, companies, and on public highways (urban and interurban) – over the next five years. Including DC chargers of up to 350 kW.

“The green deal includes activating cross-sector innovation projects and a plan to ensure the roll-out of fast and ultra-fast charging points on the main routes of Spain’s road network. In addition, they will foster their use at SEAT’s facilities and at the brand’s and Volkswagen Group España Distribución dealers and the integration of Iberdrola’s recharging infrastructure into the navigators of electric vehicles, as well as the marketing of Iberdrola’s electric recharging solutions at SEAT’s dealers.

In this context, Iberdrola has completed the installation of 140 recharging points at SEAT’s centres in Martorell, including spaces for private and public use.”

SEAT (with Cupra brand) intends to launch five new plug-ins, on top of SEAT Mii electric, while Volkswagen’s other brands will introduce in Spain 8 BEVs and 4 PHEV within just 18 months.

A proper charging infrastructure is a key element to sell those cars in volume.

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