Pleas to delay diesel changes coming within weeks – ‘destroying our economy’

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April 1 sees sweeping changes to the permitted use of rebated, or ‘red’ diesel in the UK and firms believe the restrictions will have a dangerous impact on industry, with companies in danger of liquidation. One firm has written to Chancellor Rishi Sunak asking him to defer the changes for a year.

Metal recycling firm Ward sent the letter asking for support due to the spiralling cost of fuel due to the situation in Ukraine.

Ward’s Operations Director Donald Ward said the Treasury should postpone the changes “for at least 12 months”, reported letsrecycle.

He also warned it could lead to companies signed into fixed-term contracts going into liquidation and more waste going to landfill as metal recyclers turn away lower value materials.

It comes ahead of the Chancellor’s “mini-budget” on Wednesday where he has hinted that fuel duty could be slashed by 5p per litre to help with the UK’s cost of living crisis.

But many believe that is far too little too late and will have little effect on companies and the public.

The list of businesses allowed to use rebated or ‘red diesel’ will be severely limited on April 1.

Rishi Sunak has resisted all calls from industry leaders to defer the changes so far.

In the letter, Mr Ward says Ward Recycling, which employs over 400 people and has an annual turnover of £200million, believes fuel prices will rise by as much as 70 percent if the changes are introduced as planned.

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The letter warned that the increased costs could see the UK could face a situation where businesses turn away items such as end-of-life vehicles and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) because it would not be worth taking them in.

Mr Ward wrote: “This would increase waste to landfill, increase uncontrolled disposal of hazardous waste and reduce supply to the manufacturing supply chain.

“In the short term and given the threat nationwide to all businesses and the impact on wider industries, we are writing to request you implement an extension to the entitlement to use red diesel for 12 months or a time the energy markets have settled.

“If this implementation is not possible, could we suggest a phased approach as we are now in a completely different economic climate, and this could be disastrous for many waste and resource operators.” readers have been appalled at the changes and many have commented to underline their anger.

‘Wasp’ wrote: “There seems to be an agenda to destroy our economy with high taxation, resulting in poorer standards of living for the people and even preventing the poorest from affording basic necessities.

“Of course, the political classes will manage very well. Their bills are paid by the people they are repressing. They seeem to regard the public money they throw away and waste is a bottomless pit they can draw on endlessly.

“At some point, there has to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.”

‘Yanowski’ added:”This is going to be the final nail in the coffin for most firms… this government really doesn’t know how hard it is to live.”

While ‘Bezz54’ agreed, adding: “The global elites are pushing this green agenda farce upon us fully aware that a majority of people wouldn’t be able to afford an electric car.

“So in 10 – 20 years only the rich will be on the road.

“Just like when cars were invented only the wealthy had them back then most people still got around on horse and cart.”

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