Motorists warned of MOT booking surge as cost of living crisis forces drivers to skip test

Martin Lewis reveals how to get a 'really cheap' MOT test

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New research has found that last April and May saw 2.3 million fewer cars requiring MOTs due to the six-month extension which was granted in 2020. It is feared this will greatly impact the same months in 2022, which could cause a spike in drivers looking to have their vehicle serviced to remain on the road after summer.

There are also fears that one in 10 motorists could be forced to miss an MOT due to affordability, as the cost of living crisis continues.

Nearly half of British drivers admit they’re worried about the cost of essential car maintenance, with a third saying they will struggle to afford the maintenance.

A quarter of those surveyed admitted to missing an MOT deadline despite 95 percent knowing when their MOT was due.

It is estimated that a third of drivers are struggling to balance the cost of ensuring their vehicle is safe to drive, with many still relying on credit cards to pay for essential maintenance.

Motoring costs are rising rapidly, with them having increased by 12.7 percent year-on-year – more than double the overall rate of inflation.

Last April and May saw 3.1 million MOTs take place, and while this represented a recovery of 1.5 million MOTs in the same months in 2020, it still fell significantly short of the 5.4 million MOTs which took place in 2019.

Karen Rotberg, Co-founder of, said: “There’s never been a better time to adapt fast by increasing market share and gaining conquest bookings.

“The months ahead will once again see historically low MOT numbers, yet garages can battle this shortfall by offering consumers the added transparency and convenience of a digital customer journey.

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“April and May will be tough months because as well as fewer MOTs, there will be less servicing work. In fact, our research shows that nearly 70 percent of drivers aim to have their vehicle serviced when they get their MOT.”

She warned that this could lead to garages losing business as other, more well-equipped garages will appeal to customers.

She continued, saying: “With a post-summer rush in sight before long, it is the time to scale up capacity ahead of the busy September to December period.

“While this year will be highly backloaded, garages can act and adapt now.

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