Motorists urged to ‘hypermile’ to save around £600 a year on petrol and diesel costs

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Hypermiling is when people change and alter their driving habits in a bid to maximise fuel efficiency, saving as much money as possible. Despite Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s recent fuel duty cut of five pence per litre, many drivers are still seeing eye watering prices at the petrol and diesel pumps.

Kevin Brooker is a Guinness World Record holder and one of the most successful hypermilers in the UK.

He works for National Parks in Brecon, but lives in Swansea, with Kevin attempting to relieve his boredom on the 70 mile round trip.

The 44-year-old said: “It was almost a way to gamify it, to get the fuel I was using to go further.

“I was learning the techniques to get the most out of that gallon.

“The bonus was I was saving money. Over a month, I could save up to £50 without really increasing my journey time.

“Most cars have a range metre now, telling you how many miles you have left.

“You do find you try to go further than the car thinks it can go on the fuel you’ve got,” he told the Guardian.

Mr Brooker urges drivers to follow his tips to help them potentially save hundreds of pounds per year.

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One of the most important tips is to avoid harsh accelerating or braking.

In a conventional fuelled car, every time a driver uses the brakes, they are wasting that energy.

Most hybrids and electric vehicles have regenerative braking, meaning around 70 percent of the energy goes back into the battery.

Another key piece of advice is to look ahead and watch the flow of traffic.

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