Modified Tesla Model Y Track Test: Is It The World's Fastest SUV?

Go ahead and call it a crossover, it’s still blazing fast compared to the competition.

Speed Academy says this video marks the world’s first Tesla Model Y track test and goes on to say the specific modded Model Y in the video may be the world’s fastest SUV.

Before watching any further, we had some valid questions, since this isn’t the first Model Y track test. In fact, our own Kyle Conner tested the Model Y on a track not long after the very first deliveries. Since then, there have been several track tests. In addition, while we’re confident the Model Y can handle the twisty track better than its larger sibling, does this thing actually beat the Tesla Model X’s acceleration? 

The Model Y in the video belongs to Sasha Anis of Mountain Pass Performance. The company has been working on developing this Y since they took delivery a few months ago. To clarify one of the questions above, this is THIS Model Y’s first official track test.

Apparently, the car ran a 1:17.266 in a recent track race. It would have easily won in the AWD Street Class, but it was bumped into the Super Street Class due to its tires being just slightly too wide. Still, the Model Y took third, just behind a modified turbocharged Porsche and a modded Integra.

The title calls this Model Y the “fastest” SUV in the world, which doesn’t mean it’s the “quickest.” Of course, this is all a matter of word choice, but we typically talk of Teslas being quick, though the Model 3 and Model Y have proven fast on the track.

The Model X is not going to be a champion making it around the track faster than most cars, but it’s arguably the quickest in terms of straight-line acceleration. This Model Y won’t beat the Model X from zero to 60 mph, but it will likely beat any other SUV in a track situation.

The video is packed with a ton of details. Check it out and then scroll down and leave us your thoughts in the comment section.

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