Mechanical Engineer Builds The World's Fastest Electric Skateboard

Electric power has increased the performance of previously manually driven mobility devices. Electric motors have made mobility more accessible to a larger variety of people, from bicycles to kick-scooters and even skateboards—chances are you wont have a hard time finding an electric equivalent of these. Of course, you could also say that riding e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-skateboards is a lot more fun than their traditional counterparts.

Ever since man invented motorized transportation, we’ve always wanted to go faster and faster—be it a car, truck, bike, or scooter—but what about a skateboard. Indeed, the standing record for the fastest electric skateboard in the world was 95 kilometers per hour—or around 59.38 miles per hour. That was until a mechanical engineer by the name of Raine Kent absolutely smashed that record with his newest skateboard. 

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