Mazda Highlights Right-Sized Battery Strategy For The MX-30

Mazda: The pack size was carefully chosen to minimise CO2 emissions over its life cycle, from resource extraction to battery disposal.

By the way of announcing the MX-30 in the British market, Mazda underlines the “MX-30 right sized battery strategy”.

As we know, the Japanese manufacturer is using a 35.5 kWh battery pack, which can take the MX-30 about 200 km (124 miles) under the WLTP test cycle.

Some may think that it’s a shame to not offer a bigger battery for more range, but Mazda explains the two-fold reason for its approach:

We know that Mazda was not too interested in switching to electric cars, but its approach clearly has a value from an environmental point of view, as the battery really is a big contributor to CO2 emission in the manufacturing phase.

“Following a study by Mazda and the Kogakuin University which has been published in the Sustainable Science magazine[1], the company’s LCA research has shown that, over their entire life cycle, EVs with smaller batteries tend to produce lower CO2 emissions than comparable diesel-engined cars. To that end, Mazda believes that the MX-30’s battery capacity of 35.5 kwh provides the optimum balance between a driving range which gives customers peace of mind and CO2 emissions from an LCA perspective.

Furthermore, this keeps overall vehicle weight lower for good handling and greater agility, which is currently not the case for many EVs.”

As long as there are consumers and applications for shorter-range BEVs, it’s better to have a smaller battery pack, instead of driving with mostly unused battery capacity.

However, the question is whether it’s an excuse to not offer a long-range model/version or to stick to range-extenders in the following chapter?

2020 Mazda MX-30

In the UK, MX-30 will arrive in early 2021 and the First Edition (limited to 500 cars) can be reserved for £800 (price is £27,495, after including £3,000 Plug-In Car Grant). Feel free to check out our updated gallery of the model:

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