Maserati MC20's Nettuno engine detailed – 3L twin-turbo V6 with F1-derived tech; 630 PS and 730 Nm –

Maserati has revealed more information about its upcoming sports car, the MC20, which is set to make its debut in September this year. This time, the company is focusing on one of the most important aspects of the new model, Nettuno.

The name is what the Italian carmaker is calling the engine used in the MC20, which was developed completely in-house and will be made in Modena. This DIY approach came about as Maserati decided against renewing its engine supply deal with Ferrari once the current contract expires.

The Nettuno is a 3.0 litre twin-turbo V6, which features a 90-degree V architecture, dry sump system and runs on an 11:1 compression ratio, with a bore of 88 mm and stroke of 82 mm. While this might sound pretty ordinary, the mill also comes with a pre-chamber combustion system featuring twin-spark plugs, a technology derived from Formula 1.

The “pre-chamber” is found between the main combustion chamber and spark plug to enhance combustion, while other features include a secondary lateral spark plug that ensures constant ignition throughout the rev range and a twin-injection fuel system to helps to lower noise, emissions and fuel consumption.

In terms of output, the V6 produces 630 PS (621 hp) at 7,500 rpm and 730 Nm of torque from 3,000 rpm. For some context, that’s the same amount of horsepower and more torque when compared to the 6.0 litre V12 used in the MC12 – the company’s previous supercar – but in a lighter and more compact package.

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