Made In China Tesla Model 3 Wins Local Quality Award Out Of 38 Cars Examined

It looks like Giga Shanghai is doing a great job assembling Model 3s for the local Chinese market.

Tesla’s Giga Shanghai factory in China seems to have its quality control game in check because the locally assembled Model 3 is the highest quality sedan manufactured in the country in the second quarter of 2020. It came first out of 38 cars analyzed by CheZhiWang, a Chinese quality complaint company, whose findings put the Model 3 way above the industry average.

According to this tweet by Ray4Tesla citing information from CheZhiWang, the average out of all 38 vehicles examined is 37.2 complaints per 10,000 vehicles. The Tesla Model 3 achieved a far better result, with just 0.7 complaints per 10,000 vehicles.

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With less than one complaint per 10,000 vehicles, it sounds like Giga Shanghai builds cars to a very high standard of quality. This could also be thanks to experience Tesla gained building the Model 3 in the U.S. – early Model 3 owners complained about a plethora of quality issues (mainly with misaligned panels and trim pieces, but also the occasional paint defect), yet Tesla has slowly ironed those out and now you hardly hear of such faults with its smallest sedan.

Now it’s the turn of the Model Y, the newest production Tesla, to face many of the same issues that the Model 3 faced immediately after it was launched. But as with the Model 3, the manufacturer is aware of them and slowly working to eliminate them and hopefully by the time the Model Y enters production in China, they will have been ironed out.

You can already preorder a China-made Model Y, but actual production is set to commence sometime in early 2021. The Model 3 is proving extremely popular, recording nearly 15,000 sales in June of this year alone.

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