Lucid Air Production Cars Spotted At The Lucid Plant In Arizona

Over the last couple of days, more and more Lucid Air production cars were seen at the Lucid manufacturing facility in Casa Grande, Arizona, which began series production in September.

In the latest flyover video – on November 12, 2021 – Bear’s Workshop notes 22 Lucid Air cars plus one additional at a charging station. That would be a total of 23. The cars appear to be waiting to be picked up (like these) and join the already double-digit number of cars delivered to customers since October 30.

We guess that Lucid progresses on its ramp up, but of course the initial rate is small – appropriate to the early beginning stage. Also, Rivian, which started production a little bit earlier, was at 156 delivered vehicles by the end of October.

For reference, some 20 cars were seen on November 10, but it’s not certain whether those are the same cars, or some were taken, and new ones joined the pack.

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