Lordstown Shows First Interior Renderings Of Endurance Electric Truck

…but the latest info suggests that customer deliveries are pushed back to Summer 2021.

Lordstown Motors released today two interior renderings of the production-intent all-electric Endurance pickup (unveiled in June), showing the view from the driver’s perspective.

There is a rather simple steering wheel with several buttons, a long and narrow instrument cluster/infotainment display and the central console with main settings, as well as a place for a phone and cup holders.

It’s not a fancy design, but it’s envisioned as a budget truck for work purposes, after all.

Lordstown Motors Endurance

The design and prototyping of the vehicle is carried out in partnership with California-based Hydra Design Labs.

However, the thing that caught our attention in the info from the manufacturer is the part about customer deliveries. The company said that Endurance is scheduled to begin delivery to customers next summer”, which – if we understand it right – is a second delay (after the first move from late 2020/December 2020 to January 2021).

Summer 2021 sounds more reasonable, as the deadline of 2020/2021 was kind of extraordinary. It’s not a trivial thing to develop a pickup truck and start production within a year or so. Now, it’s still ambitious and challenging, but not as extreme.

On the positive side, the company received more than 20,000 non-binding preorders and LOIs for Endurance so far:

“…preorders and LOIs had surpassed the initial goal of 20,000 trucks in 2021.”

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