Lordstown Motors Shows Off Endurance Electric Pickup Truck In New Video

“What we endure we will gain. What we endure makes us stronger. Endurance is what we’re made of – and there’s nowhere it can’t take us.”

Lordstown Motors just released a new promotional video with its all-electric pickup – Endurance, scheduled for market launch in 2021 (in Summer 2021 according to what we heard the last time).

The new video shows us that the Lordstown Endurance is suitable for a variety of applications, including towing, off-road driving and can even power tools to get the job done.

The description says: “Keep moving, keep building, keep believing. Endurance will take us forward, because endurance is what got us here. Introducing the all-electric Endurance, by Lordstown Motors.”

From the marketing persepctive, the video teaser is pretty good we think, and hopefully, the vehicle will be too.

Lordstown Motors unveiled the Endurance on June 25, 2020 and is currently developing the production version as well as preparing the former GM Lordstown Complex in Voltage Valley in Lordstown, near Youngstown, Ohio for production. Both tasks are not easy, and more importantly very capital-intensive, which makes us wonder when we will hear something about investors.

Is there a strategic investor that will be willing to spend at least three-digit million amount on the project and endure to see it on the market?

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