Little-known de-icing hack involves using plastic bags and saves time

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Specialists at Vehicle Contracts claimed that drivers should “consider covering” their mirrors to prevent frost build-up. Drivers will then find their mirrors “nice and clear” when the bags are removed.

This is because the bag protects the mirror from the elements and acts as a sort of insulator.

They said: “To save valuable time clearing your car of ice and snow in the morning, consider covering your side mirrors with plastic bags. Any kind will do!

“From a bag for life to a bin bag, as long as the wing mirrors are covered and the bag is secured with a plastic band.

“You’ll find that they’re nice and clear when you remove the bags in the morning.”

Preventative measures are likely to save drivers time defrosting mirrors in the morning.

According to the RAC, a driver must have a “full view of the road and traffic” meaning side mirrors must be clear.

It warns clearing a vehicle properly, including the car’s side windows, mirrors and lights could take up to 10 minutes each morning.

Vehicle Contracts has previously issued a range of advice on how drivers can use household hacks on their vehicles.

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The car body previously suggested the pocket sanitiser could be vital in defrosting car keys as temperatures drop this winter.

It warned it is a “common occurrence” for a keyhole to freeze over as temperature drop.

This will “make it impossible to turn the lock” in a major headache for road users.

Vehicle Contracts added that replacing locks can cost hundreds of pounds meaning simple household hacks could save plenty of money.

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Experts at Vehicle Contracts said: “Nowadays everyone tends to have hand sanitiser on them, which makes this particular hack all the more convenient.

“If you use a manual car key, it’s a common occurrence for the keyhole to freeze over making it impossible to turn the lock.

“If you break the key in the lock, replacement car keys cost up to £250, so it can be a costly issue to solve.

“One of the key ingredients of hand sanitiser is alcohol, which will cause any ice to simply melt away.

“Cover your keys in hand sanitiser and it should glide in no problem!”

Vehicle Contracts has also urged road users to spray a car windscreen with cooking oil and place socks over the glass the night before.

It warns socks are also a preventative measure and can help stop snow and ice from collecting on your windscreen wipers.

Without taking precautions, windscreen wipers could “stick to the windscreen” when it gets very cold.

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