Kia Makes Niro EV More Available In The UK

In July, the company delivered more e-Niro than in all of 2019.

Kia has announced that with increased supplies of Niro EV (e-Niro) in the UK, the customer lead times are now the shortest since launch in 2018. Cars ordered today should be delivered in September or in Q4 2020.

The company closely follows Hyundai, which also stepped up its game with the Kona Electric, to finally address the supply/demand issue.

In the single month of July, deliveries of e-Niro exceeded the entire year of 2019, which gives us glimpses of how big of a change it is. According to Autocar, Kia already sold some 7,000 e-Niro this year, and another 800-900 are now on their way.

Kia Niro EV (e-Niro)

Kia Soul EV (e-Soul)

The increased supply includes also the Kia Soul EV (e-Soul) although it’s not as popular. The supplies will be increased from about 1,200 units to 1,400.

Currently, the plug-in electric car sales in the UK stand at record-high levels and are approaching one-tenth market share. The next big record month is expected in September.

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