Kia EV6 Makes An Unusual High Frequency Sound Sometimes At Low Speeds

When I drove the Kia EV6 a few months ago, while the overall experience was remarkably good, the vehicle did stop heating the cabin on a couple of occasions (this has now been reportedly fixed) and once it emitted a very strange high frequency sound that I could hear while performing a low speed parking maneuver. That was the only time I heard that sound, and I though it was just one of the car’s systems at work, but apparently the vehicle shouldn’t make that sound and it’s a nuisance to many owners.

According to the Korean Car Blog, which quotes a local Korean news report from the KBS TV news channel, this is a common problem and now Kia is looking into it. According to the source article, the noise is audible when the vehicle has been driven at around 30 km/h (18 mph), then slows down.

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