Japanese Startup ICOMA Showcases The Quirky Tatamel Folding Bike

It seems that everyday, a new and exciting product is introduced that makes mobility more practical and convenient for people all over the world. From huge trucks, to ultra-efficient electric cars, to pint-sized e-scooters, the e-mobility industry as a whole is growing faster than many of us had imagined in the past. 

With the Consumer Electronics Show in Nevada set to happen from January 6 to 8, 2023, brands from all over the world are ready to showcase what they have to offer when it comes to creating a more connected future. One such product is this funky looking electric bike from Japanese startup ICOMA. It’s called the Tatamel bike, and it can transform from a suitcase-sized box, into a (more or less) full-size e-bike. Clearly designed as a last-mile alternative to walking or taking public transportation, the Tatamel Bike is undeniably cute, and will certainly come in handy for folks strapped for space. 

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