Jaguar I-PACE Taxis To Be Wirelessly Fast Charged In Norway

25 Momentum-outfitted Jaguar I-PACE wireless charging taxis will be launched in Oslo, Norway.

Norway’s capital intends to replace all its conventional taxis with electric ones by Q1 2024 and one of the solutions to make it happen is high-power wireless charging, tested since 2019.

The latest chapter in the ‘ElectriCity’ project in Oslo will include a fleet of Jaguar I-PACE taxis, outfitted with Momentum Dynamics’s wireless fast charging system.

In total, 25 I-PACE soon will be operated by Cabonline (NorgesTaxi AS), the largest taxi network in the Nordics, in partnership with charge point operator Fortum Recharge.

“A team of engineers and technicians from both Momentum Dynamics and Jaguar Land Rover were engaged to help in testing the solution, and Cabonline signed up to operate the fleet as part of Oslo’s ElectriCity programme.”

The plan is to install high-powered induction-charging bays (50-75 kW per single stand), and retrofit the cars with receiver pads so the taxis would be able to recharge quickly when waiting for the next order. At 50 kW, even just 5 minutes of charging adds 4 kWh and it does not require the driver to connect and disconnect the plug, which would be very inconvenient.

With multiple “hands-free” charges throughout the day, the range would be virtually unlimited 24/7 without prolonged fleet downtime. Wireless charging specialist, Momentum Dynamics, notes also that “huge bonus for wireless is that it is buried below ground, so cities can avoid unsightly charging ports that are prone to damage/wear/vandalism”.

“For usage efficiency, Taxi drivers need a charging system that does not take them off route during their working hours. Multiple charging plates rated at 50-75 kilowatts each, are installed in the ground in series at pick-up-drop-off points. This allows each equipped taxi to charge while queuing for the next fare. The system, which uses no cables and situated below ground, requires no physical connection between charger and vehicle, engages automatically and provides on average 6-8 minutes of energy per each charge up to 50kW.”

Jaguar I-PACE equipped with Momentum Dynamics’ wireless charging

Overall, it may be a great idea to electrify all the high-mileage taxi cars using wireless charging.

In 2025, all new passenger cars in Norway will have to be zero-emission anyway, so there is no turning back.

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