Introducing Motorsport Rewards – a new and exciting way to fuel your passion

Motorsport Rewards is a new loyalty program introduced by Motorsport Network that is available to all users.

Get rewarded for staying passionate and doing what you already love to do, gaining bonuses every step of the way. Earn easy points when you read articles, watch videos, or earn with every dollar spent at any of our participating ecommerce platforms to gain access to a wide variety of redemption benefits. Earn free gift cards, F1 tickets, watches, prime subscriptions and more or enter our sweepstake entries for further exclusive rewards.

As a constantly growing platform, Motorsport Rewards will continuously expand the activities offered to readers so they can keep earning points and racking up the benefits. Got your eye on something you want? Then simply set it as your goal, and you will see yourself getting closer with every point earned.

The Global Edition of is the first to partner with Motorsport Rewards and signing up is quick and easy. Click the ‘Rewards’ icon in the top right corner of and click ‘Sign up’ or click here to go to Motorsport Rewards official website. All users who log-in to Motorsport Rewards for the first time will receive a bonus 1500 reward points bringing them one step closer to redeeming their reward. Users also receive a 10-point daily login bonus.

Motorsport Rewards

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Sign up, set a goal, and fuel your passion with Motorsport Rewards.

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