Infineon's CoolSiC Power Modules Enable Efficient 400 kW DC Chargers

For EVs that need higher power, silicon carbide (SiC) power electronics is one of the solutions.

Infineon Technologies boasted that its CoolSiC MOSFETs silicon carbide (SiC) power modules were used in the Europe’s most powerful 400 kW DC chargers for electric cars, deployed by Repsol in October 2019 in Spain, at Ugaldebieta in the Bay of Biscay region on the heavily frequented A-8 motorway.

The RAPID ST400 chargers were supplied by Spain-based power conversion group Ingeteam and use CCS Combo 2 plugs.

Currently, there are no commercially available electric cars ready to use 400 kW and such power levels were seen only in bigger heavy-duty vehicles.

One of the key elements of the ultra-fast chargers is the new SiC power electronics, which minimize the switching losses. At peak power, even 1% of loss is 4 kW, while at 5% it would be 20 kW of heat. The company did not reveal the efficiency of the charger though.

Dr. Peter Wawer, president of Infineon’s Industrial Power Control division

“SiC enables high switching speeds with lower switching losses. This results in shorter charging times and charging stations that are about one-third smaller, since considerably fewer components are required for cooling. With its physical properties, SiC can make an important contribution to electric mobility. As various consumer studies show, the acceptance of electro mobility very much depends on the availability of an efficient fast-charging infrastructure. We have proven that we can provide the underlying technology.”

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