How Does A 2013 Tesla Model S Fare After 350,000 Km?

Tesla has gained experience in building cars while it was building the first ones and there are many people who seem to think that the very first vehicles it sold are not built to a very high standard. And while we do know about the very common Tesla quality issues, most don’t affect the vehicle’s functionality and this 2013 Model S from the Nertherlands is proof that early Teslas are not a nightmare in their old age.

This particular Model S 85 Performance has clocked up exactly 346,756 km (215,464 miles) and according to Autoweek, it has mostly fared well. The host, Joep, doesn’t mention it in the video, which is in Dutch but you can enable subtitles, but the vehicle’s battery pack and motor were once replaced, although we don’t know exactly when.

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