GMC Hummer Range Revealed by Smartphone App?

The GMC Hummer pickup is massive, both physically and in terms of presence. And it needs a lot of juice to do the sort of supertruck things its able to do, like provide stunning forward thrust and range that befits its price point and market stature. Think 200 kWh worth of juice—an outsized pack for an outsized truck. But assume you stay out of the full-power, maximum-acceleration “Watts to Freedom” (WTF) mode and go for the distance. How far will the pack take this brick-like behemoth on a marathon, rather than a sprint?

GMC isn’t saying, nor has the EPA rated the Hummer yet. So in lieu of an official driving range, some sharp-eyed forum-goers at poked around a smartphone app to come up with a plausible range figure.  But it’s no GMC-specific app, but rather the MyChevrolet app, ostensibly to allow Chevy owners to access a variety of services and features, such as vehicle diagnostics and remote commands. But if you point that app at features intended for EVs, and use the Energy Assist trip-planning feature, and apparently you have the option of choosing the GMC Hummer in addition to Chevy’s EVs.

Since the vehicle’s range is required to calculate charging along a route, it seems that the app developer smartly plugged in the Hummer’s range, giving it access to this functionality, although presumably through the MyGMC version of it. But for whatever reason, the switch to flip the Hummer apparently went live on MyChevrolet, at least at the time the forum post was written, and hence we have what might be a sneak peek at the EPA-estimated range.

We had pegged the Hummer at 350 miles range, but this is just an estimate. If the range is truly 334 miles, that’d be a small but significant downgrade. That said, there’s no indication about which trim level the range refers to. The only Hummer that will be available at launch is the fully-loaded Edition 1. It’s possible that all its bells and whistles take a bite out of range.

That said, whether the final number is 350 or 334, that is a huge range figure that will surely help close deals at the showroom, and provide bragging rights at the fast charging station. And with 200 kWh to refill, you might just have plenty of time to brag.  

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