Fully Charged Says Polestar 2 Is A Direct Competitor To Tesla Model 3

Except for public charging, Polestar 2 is as good as the Tesla Model 3, according to Fully Charged.

The Polestar 2 scores high notes in test drive reviews and the latest episode of Fully Charged is no different as Robert Llewellyn was simply amazed by the all-electric Polestar.

According to the review, Polestar 2 is highly impressive. It drives great, the build quality is outstanding and the Android-based infotainment is absolutely the best, very intuitive – it’s even better than in Tesla cars, according to Robert who has owned Teslas for several years.

Comparing the Polestar 2 directly with the similarly priced Tesla Model 3 version, it’s not as quick, not as fast, and doesn’t have as much range, but those are rather minor differences. The biggest one is the public charging, which holds the Polestar 2 back, as compared to Model 3, which can use the super reliable and quite dense Supercharging network.

“The exquisitely beautiful Polestar 2 leaves Robert literally lost for words but how does it compare to the Tesla Model 3? On every point of reference, the Polestar 2 is seriously impressive and it’s really only the lack of charging infrastructure, that Tesla offer, holding this back from being the equal of the Tesla Model 3. The exciting thing about this car is, that as it’s 100% manufactured in China, they should be able to scale up to mass manufacture them.”

There are things that Polestar 2 does better – like the bigger trunk opening, and we guess the overall build quality. It might also be a better choice for driving enthusiasts.

Well, regardless of which one is better for a particular customer, the good news is that such great BEVs are starting to emerge on the market.

It makes us eager to see the first all-electric Volvo car, as it might be pretty good too and available for a wider audience than the exclusive Polestar brand.

The final thought would be that it’s quite surprising that such a car comes to Europe from China, instead of from Germany, but German manufacturers can’t blame no one but themselves.

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