Ford Mindfulness Concept Car aims to crush your Covid blues at Munich Motor Show

Yoga via the infotainment screen and Bang & Olufsen sound expertise feature in this new Ford concept car designed for relaxation 

Ford has revealed a new concept car at the Munich Motor Show, which it says is designed to take the stress out of car journeys through ambience altering technologies. 

Called the Mindfulness Concept Car, it’s a modified Ford Kuga SUV. The livery on the outside hints at the number of revisions made in the cabin, where the car’s newfound relaxation features lie. 

“Mindfulness helps people to be more focused, calmer and achieve greater clarity – and when you’re behind the wheel, this can help make you a better driver”; said mindfulness teacher and author Mark Coleman, who created the meditation guides for the concept car.

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Interior cleanliness and hygiene are important facets of the concept. A new feature called the Unlock Purge is activated by the key fob, and it provides a clean burst of air for when the driver gets into the vehicle. It’s joined by a premium filter for sifting out dust, smells, smog, allergens and bacteria sized particles, plus UV-C light diodes that can kill viruses. 

The ambient lighting system in the Mindfulness concept combines with the automatic climate control, to provide moods suited to the temperature. The interior is finished with special sustainable materials, while the driver’s seat contains four actuators for providing feedback based on the driver’s breathing and heartbeat, which are displayed on the infotainment screen. 

Sound specialist B&O has integrated speakers into the headrests of the Kuga, and a tailored playlist function will automatically play music based on location and the driving situation, for example, driving by the seaside, or stuck in a motorway traffic jam. 

A powernap function is enabled by a fully reclining driver’s seat with neck support, while yoga finds its way into the Mindfulness Concept Car as well, with specific guides for meditation sessions accessible via the touchscreen when the car is stopped.

Would you like to see the features of the Mindfulness Concept Car make it into Ford’s production models? Let us know in the comments… and relax…

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